Story and rules of the game > Capturing a city

You can capture another player's city and add it to yours, however, to capture other players city you will need to fulfil certain conditions. 
These conditions are as follows: - 
1) One hero has to lead a campaign with three counsellors, one counsellor is on behalf of the King to look after the Palace.  The second counsellor will be the new mayor and the third one will be the treasurer.
2) The targeted city is not the players capital city or his only city.
3) In the target city, there is no Palace, if there is a Palace this has to be destroyed first before capture.
4) In the target city, there shouldn't be any forces left, before capturing you have to attack in a battle mode attack to destroy all of the forces.
5) The campaign to capture should be done in the surrounding mode.
6) From your city of attack, the Palace should be at level 20. There is a possibility of taking another town as you are allowed two cities per Palace (whether built or captured).

When the attacking forces arrive at the target city
1) The attacking army starts the battle and if they win the battle they can keep the city surrounded.
2) While the town is surrounded the defender of the city can not build any forces, if the player has prior to being surrounded a number of forces in a queue to be trained that would be stopped. 
3) While the target city is surrounded their resources will not be added to the warehouse.
4) While the attacking army surrounds the targeted city their troop's grain consumption would be from the targeted city unless there is insufficient grain, then the consumption would be from their own city.
5) While a targeted city is surrounded, the campaign to that city is only possible in the battle mode.
6) While the targeted city is surrounded its market is inactive as the merchants can not leave the city.

Few notes
In the normal circumstances of capture you would need three counsellors, however, we advise that you have six counsellors, as some of them may die in the battle. Having too many counsellors can help the speed of negotiation of surrender. When the campaign is in the surrounded mode, if the hero is in a resting period they will still join the battle. If a city gets surrounded, prior to being surrounded and the troops are on a battle mission the troops would automatically return to their city and join the battle in their own city.

Breaking the siege:
The surrounded city can be helped by other players and the player's troops from other cities, by campaigning in a battle mode.  
If they manage to win the battle and kill the surrounded troops the siege would be broken.
Cancelling the siege: The attacking player at any point can withdraw part of their force or all of their force through the army camp.  
If they return some of the troops the siege would be cancelled.
Supporting the siege force: If the siege force sends another army from the original attacking city to the siege city they would automatically merge with the original siege force on arrival and become one army.
Restriction on the attack to the siege city: The siege city you can only attack in the battle or spy mode, other modes would not be effective.
Only the attacking player can send support to their troops.

Capturing the city:
When the city which is under siege for more than X amount of hours, the population grow tired and accept a surrender and join the attacking city. From then on this city would be added to the attacker's cities.  
The attacking army from then on will become the supporting army and you will be able to see this in your army camp.
You can also ask your troops to return at any point.  From the counsellors, three of them would stay permanently in the new city and the rest would be shown as support in the army camp and can return to the original city at any time.

Calculating the time of siege:
If the daily civilisation of the defending city is equal to 1,200 or less the time to surrender will be 24 hours. If the daily civilisation of the defending city is greater than 1,200 with every extra 200 points, one hour would be added to the time to surrender. With every 10000 total civilisation points (in all the defender's cities) on hour will be added to the time to surrender

The effects of praying in the temple for the defenders and attackers:
Attackers: If a thanksgiving ceremony is performed during a siege 2 hours will be taken from the siege time. If a prayer ceremony is performed during a siege 5 hours will be taken from the siege time.
Defenders: If a thanksgiving ceremony is performed during a siege 4 hours will be added to the siege time. If a prayer ceremony is performed during a siege 10 hours will be added to the siege time.

The effect of having extra counsellors in the defender's town at the time of the siege:
At the time of the siege the counsellors in the defending city, use the upheaval of battle to go through the battle line and kill the attacking counsellors. If the attacking army has extra counsellors, this can reduce the time of siege by 15 minutes per counsellor to a minimum of 10 hours.

We advise you that if you want more information on the terms of the Palace go to the "Palace" section.