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Heavy Catapult
Heavy Catapult is the great weapon of destruction of the enemy building to use the Heavy Catapult you have to select the battle mode in the campaign if your arm camp is at the level 20 you can choose two building as a target.This weapon is also useful in the defence To build this weapon first you have to build the workshop and then research the weapon in the academy 
If you use a Catapult in any attack you lose 100 civilisation points which will be deducted from your total civilisation points The level of resources needed to build the catapult

Kind of server: Workshop level:

Resources required for Construct heavy_catapult


85 70 20 0 Box‎ 12

To increase the attack & defence power of catapult you have to increase the level of attack & defence in the Academy for more information about the catapult and how to increase the defence & attack levels please go to “Academy” section