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Kingsera's central account

Welcome to Kingsera's main account, in this section you can view and manage all your account information from different Kingsera servers that you play or have played. You can also access Kingsera’s club and archive of previous champions. 
Here you can change your password, choose a temporary username, add funds to your main account, transfer the coins to/from your game and transfer your user account. 
Note 1 As you know, if you wants to play Kingsera, you need one main account, with the same account you can play on all servers. 
Note 2 If you are registered in one of the game servers and already have the main account you do not need to create another account as in any new server we reserve the same username for you. 
Note 3 At Kingsera’s hall of fame, all Medal of Honours from server one (the first server) till now are kept here. Any player can share his/her medals and game history with other players.
Note 4 The virtual community forum of Kingsera has created a friendly place for the players to meet up and exchange idea and socialise. 
To managing your main account login with your game username and password on http://kingsera.com