Ginghiz > Eternal Scripture

Finally reaching the last days of the server the Ginghizes bring their eternal scripture from their homeland with a massive army and head towards the Ginghiz cities.  Soon the eternal scripture will enter the game, the reason the Ginghiz has bought this treasure is to boost their troop's morale. We, therefore, advise the players to capture the grand treasure as soon as possible to avoid a bigger battle. When you defeat the Ginghiz and capture the scripture your name will be entered into the Kingsera hall of fame for eternity.
Note one: There is only one eternal scripture in each server
Note two: Players can attack the player holding the treasure and capture it from them by destroying their treasury.
Note three: Every three days the location of the eternal scripture changes and goes to a different Ginghiz city.
Note four: At the beginning of the game the Ginghiz have four cities, however, these cities can increase or reduce.  The Ginghiz city is shown on the map in the image below.

The conditions needed to capture the eternal scripture.
Players should attack with a massive army and destroy all of the Ginghiz troops.  
At the time of victory at least 5 heroes and 7 counsellors must survive the battles.
The player should have an empty treasury at level 20 from the city the troops have started the battle.
As the treasure arrives at the player's city, the countdown to the end of the game will begin.
This valuable treasure automatically after 72 hours in your treasury will become secure and be archived and that player will be the owner of the eternal scripture.
Pay attention, the owner of the eternal scripture can transfer the treasure to other cities, however, if the player transfers the treasure to another players city the countdown will start again.
If a player destroys all of the Ginghiz troops and destroys the Ginghiz city, but does not have the above conditions they will not capture the treasure and the eternal scripture will automatically go to another Ginghiz city.

Capturing the treasure by other players.
All players can see the detail of who has captured the eternal scripture, and all players whilst the eternal scripture is still active in the treasury and not archived or secured can capture it by attacking the holder.
The attacker should fulfil the conditions as follows:-
1) The eternal scripture is in the active state.
2) The campaign in is battle mode.
3) The treasury needs to be completely destroyed.
4) They have a hero with their troops and after the battle, the hero is still alive.

The distance is not important when capturing the treasure or eternal scripture from other players (you can attack any place on the map).