Story and rules of the game > Alliance and diplomacy

Kingsera is a strategy game in which you can play on your own or within a group (Alliance). We recommend playing within an alliance for better progress and more security.

Form a new alliance
In order to form a new alliance, your Embassy needs to be at the level 3. Once you have formed an alliance from the Embassy you can invite other players to join your alliance.

Membership in an Alliance
Any player can apply to join an alliance once it has an embassy in their city. The management of the alliance will consider your application and accept or reject it.

Leaving the Alliance
Any Alliance member can leave the alliance by going in the Embassy and selecting the 'leaving the Alliance' button.
If you are the founder of the alliance and leave your alliance, the alliance will be disbanded unless you put someone else as a founder before you leave. 

Establish diplomacy with other alliances
All the Alliances can have diplomacy with each other, where the alliance has an agreement of ceasefire, peace and protection of each other.
If they try to attack each other they will get a message warning them that they are about to attack a friendly alliance.
If you propose diplomacy (ceasefire, peace, protection etc) the other alliance should accept or
reject it in their embassy except when you declare war on some alliance.

For more information on alliance & Diplomacy please go to help menu > Game Guide "Embassy".