Story and rules of the game > Rules, offences and penalties

The whole purpose of this game is to have fun and create a social network, therefore we expect players to have a good code of conduct.
A player can only play one account
You are not allowed to access the account belonging to any other player(s) including family or friends.
Only one account per computer.
Regular sharing of a connection, which must be declared under all circumstances.
No transfer of resources, attacks or support on each other are permitted whilst connection sharing is in place.
It is illegal to attempt to gain access to any other account via hacking, guessing passwords, asking for passwords or tricking players into giving their password out.
It is allowed to Co-play an account, provided that none of the players has access to another account on the same server.

If any of the followings occur the player may be penalised.
1) The use of foul language or racist comment is totally prohibited.  
2) Threatening other players in order to obtain personal information such as Telephone numbers or emails.
3) Advertising or publicising subjects that are not related to the Kingsera game.
4) Creating a bad atmosphere by spreading rumours about certain players or an alliance. 
5) Multi Accounts are not permitted, and our system can detect multi-accounting by various ways.  
Penalisation would be based on the severity of the offence.  It can range from a written warning to losing resources, reducing the level of your buildings, temporary suspension of your account or permanent suspension of your account.
Penalties for the players that attack a friendly force.
If a player does campaign type battle, siege, or plunder to the following:
1 - The defenders from his/her alliance, the 500 points will be deducted from his/her civilisation points.
2 - The Alliances of attacker and defender are at peace, 200 points will be deducted from the attacker’s civilisation points.
3 - The Alliance of a defender is the subset of attacker’s, 200 points will be deducted from the attacker’s civilisation points.
Note: At these campaigns, the volume of plunder will decrease by 30%.