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Skilled forces in Asian version of Kingsera


Skilled forces in  medieval Europe version of Kingsera'

At the time of registration you would be asked to choose a skill in the game there are 5 different skills when you choose one you can activate your account.
The 5 skills as follow 
1- Builder
2- Blacksmith
3- Timberman (Carpenter)
4- Farmer
5- Wizard 
Please note after you choose a skilled force at the time of registration, you can not change this again
Note 2 you can only train the skilled forces that you choose at the time of registration, however, you can exchange skilled forces in the open market.
Not 3 Skilled forces do not do anything unless after capturing the oasis you send them to the oasis.
For more information on how to use skilled forces please go to the "skilled forces" section.