Story and rules of the game > Newcomer's protection

At the start of the game, we give new players breathing space, by giving them protection so in the early days they will not be attacked 
The protection of the new players is between 2 to 7 days (depending on when you join the server).

Important note in some circumstances the protection would be withdrawn
1) If the new player attacks someone (while under protection) then the protection of the new player will be withdrawn
2) If the new player capture treasure (while under protection) when the treasures arrive at the city the protection will be withdrawn

Special feature of extending the protection period

You can extend your protection period by 7 days under the condition below.
  • Request extended protection while you are under newcomer's protection (The link for extension of protection is on the countdown time of newcomer's protection on the game screen).
  • When you are under the extended protection if you attack another player your protection will be withdrawn.
  • You can only use this 7 days extension once.