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Ginghiz tribes are very wild and destroy the peace and harmony in the game environment. They come from a faraway land and they will loot all over to gain resources and wealth.
The Ginghiz would be released automatically and controlled by the game AI. Ginghiz emerges in different stages of the game: 
1) Looting (raid) of the cities by Ginghiz starts approximately 1/6 of the way through the servers life. They start by building their settlement around the cities.
2) After half of the servers, life has passed the Ginghiz will show their strength to the top players in the server through a big attack on their cities (These attacks are in a short period of time about 48 to 72 hours).
3) In the last quarter of the game, the Ginghiz build temporary camps and transfer their treasure to them. It should be mentioned a release of Ginghiz’s treasure and their camps is done in the several stages.
4) The Ginghiz at the end of the server bring the eternal scripture of the server and other treasures like Sword of Strength, Wisdom Wand and spread them across all their camps and cities.

The military situation of Ginghizes
Like others players, barbarian Ginghizes have two types of infantry, cavalry, spies, battering ram and Catapult. In some of the servers, there are fearsome dragons but players also have the ability to deal with these dragons by hunting them and training them. Note the Ginghiz skill level in their academy is 20.
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