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The two ways that you can get free gold coins
Each player has a specific link in the premium option menu -> partnership to earn free gold coins. Through this link, your friends can register. For every one of your friends, you will be given a reward. For every person who registers through your link and builds a city council that reaches level 10, the equivalent of two hours of your resources will be given to you as a gift. After the player's population reaches 300 in the game you will be given 30 coins as a gift. There are many ways to give your own link to other would be players; Insert banners on your website or blog using the following HTML code to insert the banner which contains your specific link.

Provide the email address of your friend (partnership > earn free coins section) to send them an email invitation that contains your special link to the game.
Provide your special link direct to your friends through instant messaging, email, chat rooms etc.
NOTE: List of players who have been introduced to the game through your links is displayed in the partnership > earn free coins section.
In addition to enabling the tax officer in the premium option menu, every night at 24.00 hours you get equivalent of 1-hour resources production for the friends you have introduced as a reward.