Additional Information > Troop Starvation

When crop consumption exceeds crop production troops will starve.
These troop losses will occur in intervals of 20 minutes - 2 hours.
At each interval 10% - 25% of the troops over the limit of crop production will starve.
For example, if there are 100 000 infantry troops (crop consumption = 1 each) and wheat production is -20 000, between 2000 and 5000 infantry troops would starve at each interval.
This would occur until crop production is positive again.
If you have protection forces in the city they will automatically return to their city of origin before any troop losses occur. 
Players will receive a message daily detailing their troop losses in the previous 24 hours.
Methods to return to a positive crop production:
1. Send your troops as protection to other cities or other players.
2. Upgrade the Farm and its additional phase.
3. Upgrade the Bakery and its additional phase.
4. Spend your gold coins on one of the premium options to increase grain production by 40% for a week or more.
5. Conquer an oasis containing crops and send farmers from your city council.