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skilled forces
Skilled forces have an important role in producing resources.
Each player at the time of registration can select one skill which will Increase your production by 10% of the relevant resource from the start.
However, players who choose Wizard will increase production of each resource by 2.5%. 
How to train skilled forces
1-You can train your chosen skilled force in the city council building 
2-You can trade in your skilled force with other skilled force in the open market
3-While attacking other players you may capture their skilled force.

Increased production by sending skilled force to conquered oasis
Players can capture the oasis (Ginghiz settlements) which are placed around the city, by sending troops & Hero. After capturing the oasis you can send the related skilled force to increase your production of that resource up to 75% in an oasis with 1 resource and up 50% each in the oasis with two resources.

Skilled forces needed for oasis with Grain resource: Farmer,
skilled forces needed for the oasis with Wood resource: Timberman (Carpenter),
skilled forces needed for the oasis with Iron resource: Blacksmith,
skilled forces needed for the oasis with the stone resource: Builder
Every skilled force dispatched to oasis can increase their related resource by 5%. A wizard increases the production of each skilled force by 20%, therefore, raising the value from 5% to 6% for each skilled force, but on their own, they do not increase production.

After you captured the oasis go to the map click the option of “send skilled force” in the map and dispatch the related skilled force to the oasis to increase your resources.
Also, you can see the number of skilled force at work in various oasis displayed in the city council > skilled force > “inactivity” workforce. In addition, you can send a skilled force to a maximum of 3 different oases.
For more information on how to capture oasis go to “capture oasis” section

Types of Skilled force 
Wizard: Increase production of all resources by 2.5% and can help heal your wounded Heroes.

 Farmers: Increase crop production by 10% and develop the orchard gardens around the cities.

Timberman (Carpenter): Increase wood production by 10% and produce timber from woodlands around the cities.

Blacksmith: Increase iron production by 10% and help you with mining of metal around the cities.

Builder: Increase iron production by 10% and help you with mining of useful stone for construction.