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Each week players/alliances can earn medals based on looting/attacking/defending/climbing points.

Looting points: When attacking a city you will gain points based on the amount of loot captured. 
Attacking points: An attacking player will gain points based on the number of casualties he inflict on his enemy, if the attack is won.
Defending points: A defending player will gain points based on the the number of casualties he inflicts on the attacker, if the defense is won.
Climbing points: A player will gain points as their population increases.

A player will gain 100 looting points for every captured skilled force.
Attack/Defense points will only be gained if the player wins that campaign.
Attack to Ginghiz oasis/camps will provided no points. However, a player attacking an abandoned city can gain attacking/looting points.
A player attacking one of their own cities will receive no points.

The points are calculated weekly from the time server starts and the leaderboards are updated every 30 minutes.

Medals are awarded to the top 10 climbers, defenders, attackers and looters each week.
These medals are added to the player's profile page.
These Medals are also awarded to alliances based on the total points of its member.

Climbers                       Defenders                        Attackers                           Looters
 1430142937cfcd2084.png                             1430142914cfcd2084.png                              1430142892cfcd2084.png                              1430142849cfcd2084.png

By winning an attacking and defending medal in the same week a player/alliance will also win the following medal: