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Spies can be used to find out the status of buildings/number of troops in your opponents city. 
To prevent enemies spying on your city make sure you have a large number of spies with increased defence capabilities to kill the enemy spies. 
You can train the spies in the barracks after they are researched in the Academy.
A number of resources needed to train these troops (Spies):

Kind of server: Barracks level:

Resources required for Training spy


35 20 30 0 Box‎ 30

Note: The Spies attack power in raid, battle and siege mode is 0. However, in spy mode, it is 35.

To increase the power of attack or defence of the Spy you have to increase the level of attack and defence in the academy.  
For more information about the power of attack and defence and how to increase them go to the "Academy" section.