Account settings and cities > Temporary deactivation of your account

Sometimes for personal reasons you may want to deactivate your account (e.g. Travelling/studying for an exam).
A player can in total (on one server) have twenty days in which their account is deactivated. These days can be all at once or spread over time.
The condition for deactivating your account are as follows: - 
1) The production levels goes to zero
2) The consumption of troops goes to zero
3) There is no possibility of attacks against your cities
4) You can do nothing to your account unless the period ends or you reactivate your account.
5) The market will be inactive

To deactivate your account click on the "settings", as shown in the picture below.

And to go to the "temporarily inactive" account section

And to select the end date of the deactivation 

A player can choose to return to the game before the end of the deactivation date and if you choose to return before this date you will not lose your remaining rest days.  (Maximum of 20 rest days in each period of the game.)