3D Games > Mysterious forest

Hunting in the mysterious forest (jungle) is part of an exercise to improve your accuracy to earn IQ points.  
The player in this game has a maximum of three minutes to hunt animals.
In this hunt there is a limited number of knives, you start with 40 knives and 35 axes and four types of animals.  
These are Bear, Rabbit, Deer and Squirrels.
Hunting any of these animals will earn you points. In the mysterious forest, there are types of attack spiders, which you can kill by throwing an axe or knife.  
Otherwise, each spider bite will lose you 60 points and this is deducted from your total points.  
To hunt the bear and rabbit you will need bait of fish and carrots.  
These can be obtained from the little lake for the fish and the little farm for the carrots.  
The player can carry one fish and one carrot each time, however, for hunting deer and squirrel there is no need for bait.
After the game has finished you will be directed back to the main game and your points will be added to the main game.  
To throw the knife or axe or to get carrots or fish you can use the keys W / S / A / D.  
You can also use the arrow keys to move about or the left button on your mouse and the space key.  
For choosing your weapons or bait you can use the buttons below
To select the knife push number 1
To select the axe push number 2
To select the carrot push number 3
To select the fish push number 4
To harvest carrots or to catch fish, when you are near the target area push the letter E