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Battering ram
A battering ram is a tool, for the destruction of the city walls that you attack. To use the catapult and battering ram the campaign should be the battle type.
This tool is also effective in defending your city against attack, these tools of war first research in the Academy then builds in the workshop.
However, to be able to research catapults or battering ram at the Academy, you must first have the workshop.
In the event of the catapults use in a campaign, 100 points will be deducted from the civilisation Points.A number of resources needed to make this tool
Kind of server: Workshop level:

Resources required for Construct battering_ram


65 30 75 0 Box‎ 15

You can increase the offensive and defensive, levels of battering ram in the AcademyFor more information about how to increase the strength, in attack and defence, please go to the "Academy" section