Ginghiz > Ginghiz's Oasis

Ginghiz settlements (oasis) have been built around the
cities in which the resources are placed by Ginghiz tribes.
You can conquer these settlements (oasis) and send skilled forces to increase your resources production.

In the image below the Ginghiz settlement (oasis) is marked
by a red arrow on the map.
How to capture an oasis
First, go to map and select an oasis which is not more than 3 sq away from your city in all directions (up, down, right and left), 
Click on the oasis and then select campaign (in the battle mode), in your attacking army you should include a hero.

Capturing the Oases (The Property of the Ginghiz)
To conquer an oasis you must dispose of all of the Ginghiz forces
in the oasis. (You can only conquer the oasis if your hero survives the battle.)
Capturing the treasures
If your Hero is adventurous he can look for treasure up to 15 square boxes away from your city
in all directions (up, down, right and left).
Important note, in the Ginghiz’s camp you might find the
game’s golden coin, golden key and treasure chest, but in the oasis, you might find
the game’s prizes.  
In some servers, there are not any cash prizes due to country’s rule or regulation.
Capturing the other Player’s Oasis
When an Oasis is conquered by other players, you can defeat (conquer) the city of the Oasis’s owner that will bring the Oasis to your capture.
Note the capturing terms of the Oasis (in the term of distance) is the same as conquering the Oasis (the distance to your city should be less than 3 sq.)
Please note: the owner of the Oasis via their Hero's Mansion determine which Oasis protected or not protected.
If an Oasis is protected by a city, to capture that Oasis you should completely defeat or conquer that city.
After capturing an Oasis Skilled Workers working in that Oasis will return to their own city.
When your hero’s mansion is at level 10, you can conquer your
first oasis and at level 20 you can conquer the second oasis.  In each city, you can only conquer 2 oases.
For more information on the hero’s mansion and how to manage
the oasis go to “Hero’s Mansion” section.
The level of impact the oasis does on the production of
resources in the city:
After capturing (conquering) an oasis and you have dispatched
skilled forces related to the type of production of the oasis, your city will increase
production of up to 75% (in the oasis with 1 resource.)
In the oasis with 2 resources, the increase would be up to
50% from each resource.
Each skilled force can
increase your production by 5% and each Wizard can increase all the other
skilled forces production by 2%.
Please note that
the Wizard on his own does not increase any production.
Skilled forces to increase production from oasis with crop: Farmer

Skilled force to increase production from oasis with iron: Blacksmith

Skilled force to increase production from oasis with wood: Timberman

Skilled force to increase production from oasis with stone: Builder

For more information on how to train skilled force go to the
section of “Skilled forces and their activity” in skilled forces.