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Story of the Game 
Kingsera is a free online strategy game with no downloads or additional software needed. All you need is an email address to register and start your exciting adventure. 
This game is based on medieval historical fiction. As a young warrior, you build a city and an army and grow your city to become a great empire. With a powerful army, you can battle other players and wild "Ginghiz", tribes. 
On the way, you can create or join an alliance to become even stronger. This will help you in your quest to win the top prizes. 
Upon winning the top prize your name will be registered on the eternal scripture. There are also smaller prizes available.
The story begins
Hundreds of years ago people were living in peace and harmony in their cities. They were getting on with their business, working, farming... When suddenly, the wild "Ginghiz" tribes destroyed this peace and harmony.
At that time all the local Warriors got together and devised a plan to consolidate.  
They agreed to create a grand alliance and forge a big army to confront the Ginghiz tribe. In this period the spies brought the news, that the only way to destroy the Ginghiz was to capture their Eternal scripture.
The spies also stated that the Ginghiz tribe had brought with them all of their treasures.
To capture the treasures would take great skill and teamwork.
So, the young warrior created a strong army and with the support of a mighty alliance, He/She will capture the Ginghiz's Eternal scripture (the top prize in the game). 
As you are playing the game you will realise that Kingsera is full of mysteries. You will come across golden keys, treasure chests, silver keys, medieval scriptures and more....