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The Ginghiz keep most of their treasures at the Ginghiz camp, but in some occasions, they also hide their treasures in the Oasis. After one-sixth of the time length of the server has passed, the Ginghiz camps will appear on the map and treasures will be released 4 times in every 24 hours until the end of the server.
On the image below you will see the Ginghiz camp before and after an attack.
  13445173901.gif   (before)      13445174832.gif  (after)

The Ginghiz camp is constantly on the move until their capture, so they will not stay still on the map. The Ginghiz camp can be stationary for 12 hours to 10 days after which the camp will move to another position on the map.
The Ginghiz camps contain 1,724 treasures, they are as follows: 
  • 8 Golden Keys 
  • 16 Treasure Chests 
  • 16 Silver Keys 
  • 24 bundles of 500 gold coins
  • 60 bundles of 250 gold coins 
  • 160 bundles of 100 gold coins 
  • 240 bundles of 50 gold coins 
  • 400 bundles of 30 gold coins 
  • 800 bundles of 10 gold coins
Of course, some of the Ginghiz camps will not contain any treasure.
Please note in some servers there might be a greater number of treasure and this will be shown in your treasury.
The Ginghiz camp will show on the map as a shape of a tent and will randomly change position on the map.  

Please also note that the treasure in the Ginghiz camps will only move in the same quarter of the map.
Once the Ginghiz camps have been attacked and captured they will no longer move on the map.
Capturing / Conquering the Ginghiz Camp. For capturing the Ginghiz camp you will need a hero to accompany an army. To attack the Ginghiz camp you must be in the battle mode only.  
To conquer the camp you have to completely destroy the Ginghiz army.

Note 1: in order to conquer the Ginghiz camp the hero must survive the battle.
Note 2: you can also attack the Ginghiz camp by multiple attacks and destroy the Ginghiz army and capture / conquer it.
Note 3: the level of the Ginghiz troops in the camp sometimes depends on the type of treasure.  Therefore we advised you to spy on the camp first.
Note 4: You can only capture a Ginghiz camp within 20 square boxes from your city (Up/down/left and right) or 40*40 square.
Note 5: Capturing the Ginghiz camp does not have any effect on the hero mansion and the number of oases you can capture but the level of hero’s mansion should at 10. 
Not 6: Treasures obtained after capturing the Ginghiz camp will be transferred to your treasury, your treasury can contain the maximum of 2 treasures at level 10 first one and at level 20 second there no limit on the number of treasures as long as you have enough treasury spaces in your cities.
However, for a Golden key, Treasure Chests & Eternal scripture your treasury should be at the level 20. At treasury, you can see the states of all treasures those ones already captured and the ones are available.
If a treasure shows active in the treasury after it has been captured it can be moved to other cities and can be attacked by other players but if the captured treasure shows archived in treasury cannot be attacked anymore and not transferable.    
For more information about the treasures please go to Ginghiz treasures and Cash prizes & none cash prizes in the blue links.