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If your question is about the game, first go to the guide of the game. If you still need more information you can ask a question in the games forum
If your question is personal or is about your account or a problem with your account, you can contact the game support and the link is at the bottom of the games page.
As shown in the image below


The supports section opening hours are from 8 am to 8 pm, please note due to excessive enquiries, replying time may be delayed and replies will be in the order of receipt. 

The training and information section The game's blog: At the blog, you can get the latest information and updates about the game and this is discussed between the players daily.  We would recommend you visit the blog at least once a day. The guide of the game: In the guide, the story and how to play the game is explained. This is useful for all players to visit to look at the manuals.

Important Note: In the section of the blog and guide, underneath the existing threads you can add your suggestions and comments here.  
Please note in this section you should not put any personal matters or problems you may have as this section is not checked by the support.