Ginghiz > Ginghizes Treasure

The Ginghiz build camps around their cities to hide their treasure. Players who have Heroes can search for these camps. Look out for these camps on the map.

The Ginghiz Camp
For more information about the Ginghiz camps and how to capture them with a Hero, please go to the "Ginghiz Camp" section. 

The treasures are located in four quarters of the map in equal measures, however, these locations are randomly selected by the AI of the game. Dependent on the type of treasure in each camp, the Ginghiz troop numbers could be between 100 and 250,000.  A player can find out the number of troops by sending a spy, the more the valuable the treasure the more troops will be present in the camp.


Treasure in the camps: Golden keys, silver keys, chests, Bundle of 500 coins, Bundle of 100 coins & Bundle of 50 coins

Note: When searching for the treasure you can look at the map in areas within 20 squares distance from you (up, down, right or left) or 40*40 please note that the Ginghiz camps are constantly on the move.

Relocation of treasure that has not been found
The treasure in the camps can be relocated to another camp in three situations: - 
1) if the Ginghiz camp is attacked and destroyed, but the attacker does not have sufficient room in their treasury or the level of the treasury is not high enough.
2) The treasure is relocated and after 12 days it has not been captured.
3) The treasure is relocated on the map as routine.

For more information about the treasures go to cash prizes & none cash prizes in the game guide.

Important note on transferring treasures
1) You have to transfer the treasure to a city with a suitable treasury, otherwise the treasure will automatically return to its original destination.  
2) To transfer one treasure you will need one Hero.
3) You can only transfer treasure that have an active status.
4)  If a golden key or an eternal scripture is transferred to another city and due to a lack of suitable treasury returns to its original destination the countdown to be archive will start again from the time of arrival.
Important notes on archive the treasures
1-Golden key will stay active after it has been captured, if a player secure the golden key for 7 days it will archived.
2- in the 7 days before the golden key is archive a player can move it between his/her cities, but not to other players.
3- Silver keys & a treasure chests are stay active after their capture until they both store on the same treasury.
4- The bundles of gold coins will go archived as soon as it arrive in treasury and can be used straight away.
5- The Eternal scripture will stay active for 72 hours after it captured the holder of Scripture should not transfer it to other players, if transferred the countdown to archive would start again.        

Capturing the treasure from other players
All players can see from the list of treasures in the treasury the treasures that are still active and can be attack and captured.  In order to do this, there are certain conditions has to be fulfilled.
1) Treasure is in an active state
2) The campaign is in battle mode
3) The treasury is completely destroyed
4) The attacking army is accompanied by a Hero and the Hero is survive the battle.

Important Note: When trying to capture treasure from other players the distance is not important and you can attack any player anywhere in the map.